Stop Complaining: 5 Steps To Become Powerful

What are you doing with all the information on the economy, the financial crisis and climate change? Are you complaining about this? Or are there elements in your life you want to stop complaining about and start being powerful in life? 

Why didn’t you do anything?

At this time it is easy to shift responsibility for a situation to someone else. Comments that are often made are: “Well, what can I do? “What do I know? My support does not help” and “I do not have enough influence or power to solve this situation.” It is important to first determine the term responsibility in your own life, before we can work out why we do not act on other matters in the world.

What is responsibility?

Responsibility is:

  • a state or position of being responsible
  • the ability or authority to act or decide on one’s own without supervision
  • the duty to care for something or someone
  • assigned for heavy tasks and duties

The definition from several dictionaries defines what you may feel and think. Responsibility is heavy, difficult and worrisome and requires great courage, but responsibility is not a shortcoming, nor should it bring praise, blame or guilt. Read more about this in the article: What is Responsibility? A Definition.

Do you want to be successful and happy in your life? Learn these steps!

Step 1: I am causing my life

Being responsible starts with the willingness to see that you are the one who causes what your situation now looks like, who you are, how you feel and what you possess in life. Do you complain? What are your complaints? What have you caused in your life?
Examples: “I am responsible for ….
… a mortgage that is too high”
… a job which does not make me happy”
… the voice of … that says to me: I’m not good enough”
… me being not happy”
… the fact I never finish training/ courses/…”
… never having enough money”

Do you see that you first need to be willing to fully accept any situation as it is? Do you take responsibility for your current situation? Yes? Let’s go to step 2.

Step 2: Take your situation in life as it is

You are the cause of what you do and who you are. As long as you think your family, past, counselor, employer, government, bank or others are responsible for your situation you are still denying your part in the situation.

Step 3: Only you can make yourself responsible

Responsibility is not a shortcoming. nor should it bring praise, shame or guilt. Responsibility involves no consideration of right or wrong, correct or incorrect. It is accepting what is and what you stand for. Nobody else can make you responsible; you can only do it yourself. Do you take the situation as it is now?

Step 4: Do a favour for yourself

If you feel that you are the cause of events in your life and you take and accept the situation, you now will choose what to do. From this context you can act very powerfully. What do you stand for? What will you choose? What will you say?
Examples: “I take a stand for….
… paying my debts”
… applying for another job”
… doing every day an activity that makes me happy every day”
… loving myself and…. ”
… using biodegradable (garbage) bags.”
… every day saying to myself: “I deserve the best in life”
… choosing in life things regardless of what others think”

Step 5: Make others aware of your learning process

You now take responsibility for your life. You cannot impose responsibility on to another. Do not waste time to explaining the term responsibility. The other persons (partner, employees etc.) in your life are in fact responsible for their life. The only thing that you need to show is you taking ownership in your life. Based upon your actions, wording and expression, you will be a teacher to others. You will make powerful decisions and be successful in your life.

Take a stand, today!

Marieke Stoop

These steps are based on the life work of Louise L. Hay, Byron Katie and Landmark Education.

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  1. Indeed! Everybody is 100% responsible for his/her own life.
    A book everybody should read is: “Success is NOT an accident” by Tommy Newberry

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