What is Responsibility? A Definition

Marieke Stoop
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Responsibility starts with you. It starts with the willingness to be the processor, the founder and the source of your life.

In this time of economic crisis, with reports of banks lacking responsibility, companies making employees redundant and European countries fiddling with numbers, we could question ourselves about responsibility.

What is Responsibility?

Responsibility is not a burden or a shortcoming, nor should it bring praise, blame or guilt. There is no right or wrong, correct or incorrect. No one can make you responsible, and you can not impose responsibility on someone else. It is simply that, what is, and that, where you take a stand for.

Being responsible starts with the willingness to deal with a situation from the point that you are the one in control of what you do. What you have and who you are. You can not blame it on someone else, an institution, the economy or an organisation. It is a favour that you give to yourself, creating a powerful context from which you choose to live!

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Marieke Stoop