Marieke Stoop


You have got the vision and the team. What you need is the HR strategy to match.

I am the owner of HR Consulting firm Human In Progress, to develop, deliver and enable new ways of working to support clients in their performance, to build organisations that attract, motivate and retain employees.

Consulting for some of the top Fortune 500 companies in Netherlands, U.S. and Australia,  I am sharing advice and experience on HR Transformation Solutions, HR Technology (HRIS), HR Policies & Processes, Works Councils and overall business consultation.

In my role as a consultant, I will examine the needs of the corporation, dissect the problems, and create manageable solutions for HR Transformation. I will also help improve your employee engagement by enhancing the HR model, structure and strategy.

Client portfolio:



HR Support in The Netherlands

Please visit the HR Portal NL, the exclusive online source on Human Resources, Employment Law, legal compliance and HR best practices for companies employing staff in The Netherlands.

I have launched this platform 3 years ago and post daily new updates for employees, employers, HR Professionals and companies on the evolvement of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and the impact it has on everyone. The latest articles are:



Would you like to have a mentor?

Besides HR Consulting, I am also mentor in the HR Mentoring program, coaching HR practitioners and other professionals. During the HR Mentoring program real-life HR cases, Dutch labour law specifics and interactive discussions enable you to transfer the lessons into your own specific professional environment.