After meeting hundreds of people around the world as HR Consultant, as well as through other endeavors, I realised how common the need for fundamental and inspirational information is.

You have got passion, what you need are tools and resources.

My unique skill for taking complicated issues and breaking them down into simple easy to understand terms is one of the reasons my pragmatic advice resonates with everyone from students, HR professionals to small business owners and corporate CEOs. Located in this central place, are some of the best free resources to support you and your company.

The exclusive online source by Marieke on Human Resources, Employment Law, Compliance and HR best practices for companies employing staff in The Netherlands.

Hundreds of articles in the categories Entrepreneur & Leaders, Human Resources, Job & Career, Health & Lifestyle, to motivate you to build your dreams.

More than 100 quotes covering topics as happiness, inspiration and career. Meaningful inspirational wallpapers to feed you with the right words.

More than 20 Spotify playlists covering songs to concentrate, relax and dance from the best musicians. Listen music to boost your mood.