How To Lower Your Expectations, Free Up Your Mind & Prevent Disappointments

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To free up your mind and lose expectations, you need to start by not sticking to one thought or idea.

In the article Prevent Disappointment: How Do You Let Go of Your Expectations?, it is explained how acting upon thoughts works. Once you have determine the baseline thought you are acting upon, it is time to change that particularly thought.

You’re acting very strongly upon your thoughts when you perceive a situation “that” way.

But if you perceive a situation “that” way and persist in holding to it, is there an opening to see it in another way?

The answer is no.

Let go of expectations; free up your mind

The final stage is that you are not acting upon thoughts and thus have no expectations. That step is called:  trust your “definitely knowing for sure” – your feeling.

In the article How To Let Go of Thoughts and Expectations About Yourself, Your Partner and Work?, how to let go of expectations is explained.

That “definitely knowing for sure” feeling comes from your heart, where there is no need to observe your thought or the situation to see that what you perceive is “true”.

The heart is the only organ that can estimate if something has “value” / is “true”. The senses in your head can absorb, but the heart follows your impression and information to its value. Then the flow of information in your body sinks into the abdominal area.

There are the organs located that can absorb, process and drain information, which bring forward emotions.

But, before you are able to reach the point of letting go of all expectations you need to trust your “definitely knowing for sure” feeling. That starts when you are able to first lower your expectations.

Lower your expectations

Letting go of a thought or idea is a challenge. It will take practice to reach the stage that you trust your “knowing for sure” feelings in your heart. This requires a shift in your behaviour and normal patterns and flexibility.

This is to allow yourself to be present in a situation and change your routine. That could be to stop chasing, be open and share feelings, be patient or to just take initiative and keep the faith, as situations on the outside could sometimes appear to be chaotic.

Remember there is always a plan behind all that is appearing. To summarise and manage your expectations start by:

  • Determining your baseline thought
  • Be an observant and change your normal behaviour
  • Lower your expectations
  • Free your mind: trust your heart’s “ knowing for sure” feeling

What to do when disappointments occur

In any scenario in life you could be faced with a disappointment. When this occurs, your experience will be an emotional roller coaster. In the article How to Deal With Disappointment: The Emotional Roller Coaster, you will learn to identify the different stages of disappointment.

If you are aware of your thoughts and emotions, you will know exactly where you are in the curve. Do not worry. After all emotions are expressed, you have the option to accept the situation, look forward and move on.

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