My name is Marieke Stoop and I am the founder of consulting & learning company Human in Progress, servicing startup organisations and Fortune 500 companies in the Netherlands and Australia.

The company is focused on developing and delivering innovatieve solutions to employer people to grow the business.

During the years we have built sustainable Human Resources solutions and learning courses. In this way we are leveraging the power of education to increase effectives and employee engagement. Leading People & Culture transformations resulting in  high performance of people, teams and organisations.

In 2009, at the age of 29, I founded Human in Progress and created a new way to develop, deliver and support clients in their performance, to build organisations that attract, motivate and retain employees.

For over 15+ years, I am providing expertise in People & Culture Strategy, Transformation, Policy & Process Excellence, Works Council Governance & Compliance.


In 2010, a road trip in the United States fuelled me with inspiration for writing posts in English instead of in Dutch.

With hundreds of articles in the categories Entrepreneurs & Leaders, Job & Career, Health & Lifestyle, I will motivate you to build your dreams.

During many years by study and training of my behaviour, inspiration, motivation and passion, I found a glimpse on how to fulfil my greatest potential.

My first book How To Market Yourself Online was launched in 2015, as a result of writing powerful LinkedIn profile & Resumes in English and Dutch for CEOs, directors, managers and young professionals. The book provides insides how to use social media for your career and is a practical guide to get into action.

After meeting hundreds of people around the world, as well as through other endeavours, I also realised how common the need for fundamental and inspirational information is.

Quotes are a great way to engage the mind and soul, if you are in need for the right inspirational words.

Everyday I learn and know more about myself, having various Aha! moments. I have captured these moments by writing quotes, which I hope you enjoy.

Find more than 100 inspirational quotes covering topics as happiness, love, inspiration and career.

My life motto is: Let’s spread love, light and happiness!