7 Most Valuable Lessons On Entrepreneurship

In 2014, I have celebrated the 5th anniversary of my company Human In Progress. During these years, I have learned seven important business and leadership lessons that should support every entrepreneur.

1. Delegate – don’t do the work yourself

Every entrepreneur wants to have full control. One gift you should give yourself is letting go of control. Ask experts to support you in the areas you do not have experience in. Be creative, if you are in the start up of your business and you do not have money to delegate the work to a third party. Find out how you can contribute to each other and pay them with your service. It is all about sharing your expertise; find out how you can contribute to this world in order to receive what you give.

2. Block time for productive work

Turn off notifications on your mobile and computer. Check your email twice a day and block time for productive work. Take the time to create or redesign your service or product. Change your business model and make sure your cash flow is always high and your costs are low.

3. Focus on the essence not on the frames

Spend 70% of your time on marketing & sales and focus on your online and offline presentation. Make sure you stand out from the crowd and create a professional and authentic presentation. For example I often see entrepreneurs using a selfie as profile picture, please don’t do this. Attract potential customers with your know-how and professionalism to increase your business. Know your skills and pitfalls and share your professional expertise in articles, books, presentations, flyers and on social media.

4. People first

Often people who walk in front believe they lead, while in reality the people who follow, lead them. Show your appreciation to your employees, customers and suppliers. Do not think they will know, because they don’t. Invest in people, understand what they need and ask them for their support and ideas. You have no idea how powerful this is; working as a team, creating possibilities and double your knowledge.

5. Be persistent and never give up

Trust your instinct, follow your heart, but use your brain. Define your product or service and know your vision at the end. Make sure you do every day an activity that scares you, change you daily routine and get out of your comfort zone. To be an entrepreneur you should have the willingness to think big, act as a bold leader in order to receive great results.

6. Imperfection is perfection

You can be a perfectionist, nothing wrong with that, only the willingness to make mistakes is much more powerful than striving to be perfect. Learn from your mistakes, make some more and let go of control. The more mistakes you make the more you will develop yourself. You need to be willing to win the game of doing business and train yourself to become the expert in your field. Ask the people around you to improve your business, product or service.

7. Celebrate your successes and failures

Share and celebrate your successes and learn from your mistakes. Entrepreneurship is about generosity and acknowledgement of your employees, customers, supporters, suppliers, friends and family, because you need them.

I would like to thank you. Thank you for the fact that you are reading this article, follow me and are connected to me. Thank you for the difference you make in my life.

My company Human In Progress, Global Business Partner for international companies, delivers practical solutions for entrepreneurs, directors and managers. With tools and advice covering Strategy, Human Resources, Executive Leadership and Change Management for success. My mission is to focus on human capital as a condition to create successful Human Resource Management, because I believe that with this method people and organisations will have more (work) fun, profit and time!

In the next upcoming years, I will continue my mission by sharing more practical tools for success in Business and Life.

From the bottom of my heart: Thank you!

Marieke Stoop