How To Overcome Your Fears

Fear is taking place in your head.

To overcome your fears, remember that your life in not taking place in your head! It is taking place in the world! In life we are confronted with all opposite effects.

As day and night as dark meets light. You have also your dark side. This forms an integral part of yourself.

In the article: The Secret Why You Are Living Your Ego, you can read that over the years you have imbedded your real self with some stuff and mud. You are entertaining yourself with internet, television, film and games. You are looking around in other gardens, walking in a fantasy world and online identity, while the door to your house is open.

You can walk in there for FREE! And all you need to do is turn on the light! You will be free of your fear;  you will be yourself and have fewer problems in life!

Ask yourself the question: What is it that you fear the most?

The fear is taking place in your head. Your thoughts are just ghosts and they are haunting you! Remember that your life in not taking place in your head! It is taking place in the world! You think your fear is real and you are so convinced. What if I just tell you it is not real! How do I know! I have embraced my fear and my dark side.

Walk in your own house

You can walk in your house to have fewer problems and make your life easier. It literally takes some weights off your shoulders.

Imagine yourself as a house. As you walk in your house you will be confronted with all kinds of emotions in each of the rooms. Loneliness, fear, pain, anger, impotence, insecurity, impatience, etc. This is part of the dark side of yourself that you do not want to see and feel.

Life is showing you that this is part of who you are. To embrace your dark side and be free, you can do the following:

  1. sit in a chair, legs opposite,  feet on the floor;
  2. close your eyes;
  3. visualise your house;
  4. turn on the light;
  5. walk around in your house from room to room, looking to find an emotion;
  6. you will be confronted with all kinds of emotions;
  7. your mind and ego will play tricks to distract you from having these emotions;
  8. you could feel the need to eat, drink, be impatient, stand up, etc.;
  9. just notice that feeling and stay in your chair with your eyes closed;
  10. allow yourself to feel the sensation in your body.

Honour your body; be gentle and take it step-by-step. Do not fight. Just surrender yourself to the feeling. After a while you will notice another feeling. As time goes by the feeling will change. Suddenly you will experience a huge fear and panic. If you stay still in your chair and let the emotions come up, you will end up at your biggest fear. That is the fear beneath all.

You will be facing a big hole of darkness. If you look within, you will find the room you are looking for. It is like coming home, and, there are no words to describe the enjoyable experience of letting go of your biggest fear!

If you do not want to be alone, ask a therapist or relative to stay with you. This could give you the support you need. Life is showing us that we may embrace our dark side; feel that feeling completely and then dark meets the light! This is a huge relief!

Marieke Stoop

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