New Generation’s Work Characteristics: The Importance Of Your Leadership Style

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Every company wants to be successful, but a few companies have figured out that they need to change their leadership style. The new generation entering the workforce have characteristics that require innovative and vibrant leadership.

By 2020, 50% of the workforce will be Generation Y! Is your organisation ready?

Attracting, motivating and retaining talent has always been difficult, but doing so with the Generation Y (born after 1980) their work characteristics poses new challenges: salary and title are not as important to them as they are to previous generations.

The Generation Y and Generation Z (born after 1995) have a different outlook on success in work and happiness.

Members of executive boards, senior directors and managers have in recent years developed themselves into democratic leaders, responding to the fixed patterns and creating conditions, but focused on the organisational interests. Employees are suffering with leaders managing the old style.

Work Characteristics

While the Generation Baby boomers sought Job security, the Generation X searches for a Work-life Balance and the Generation Y for Freedom and Flexibility.

The bottom line is: The new generation of employees want to be fulfilled by making a meaningful impact.

A leader needs to be aware of the work ethics and values of each generation employees in order to engage and drive the business forwards. It is time that more leaders develop themselves into coaches – coachable leaders.

Change your Leadership Style: share your insecurities, successes and mistakes. Admit if you act out of ego, power or status. This is in fact very human, but we often don’t show this. Your investment in a renewed way of working and leading will ultimately result in more satisfaction, time, revenue and profit. That means satisfied employees, customers and shareholders.

Marieke Stoop

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