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Quotes are a great way to engage the mind and soul, if you are in need for the right inspirational words. We live in a special time; we could say a time of transition. Most significant things are happening now in the world. Natural disasters, the effects of climate change and the economic crisis. My mission is focus on people: YOU! I am here, dedicated to support people in business and career transformations in order to make a difference in this world.

You have a core; a potential to be successful, happy and yourself. During many years by study and training of my behaviour, inspiration, motivation and passion, I have found a glimpse on how to fulfill my greatest potential. It is about sharing insecurities, successes and mistakes. Admitting if I act out of ego, power or status. This is in fact very human, but we do not like to admit it. This all contributes to better engagement and interaction between everyone I meet. Everyday I learn and know more about myself, having various Aha! moments. I have captured in these moments by writing Inspirational Quotes, which I hope you enjoy.

My life motto: Let’s spread love, light and happiness!

Below you will find some of the collection of inspirational, wise, and life quotes written over the years.


Marieke enjoys working for international organisations with people in different industries. This experience has led her to create products to boost people’s performance and career. The collection of quotes are written over the past 10 years and could engage your mind and soul.

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