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Human Capital: A Future Solution To Success In Human Resource Management

Human Capital: A Future Solution to Success in HRM

There will be a labour shortage in the near future because generation Y (born after 1980) are now on the labour market. This group of potential employees and managers have different expectations and visions.

Is your company already focusing on and ready for its future employees? These employees do not see themselves working for a long time of period for one organisation. Often they are only employees for a short period of time, and in many cases they will start their career as a freelancer.

A lot of organisations are still thinking of competition too much, and engage with their employees in the ways of tenure and hierarchical processes. They need to see that this “old” way of thinking is no longer sufficient.

Paul Bessems, writes in his book Every day when the sun rises, about the Community Economy: (..) “we should stop thinking in processes based upon our own company. We no longer live in a closed market/economy. So we need to think based upon our environment; labor market, users, customers, suppliers, competitors and we need to organize our processes, so that we will work together. Welcome to the world of communities, Wiki’s and unlimited new techniques.

Your organisation should look at future employees and changes in the labour market, to see that deployment of Human Capital can be done much better. This leads to successful Human Resource Management!

It ultimately results in more time, money, profit, motivated employees and satisfied customers for your organisation! With that perspective organisations will increasingly become aware that there are more benefits to hiring a self-employed individual/freelancer.

Another method that leads to successful Human Resource Management is to change your management style and strategy. This can bring you more and more success as a leader.

Do you want to know how? Please read the article Did you already change your management style?

To your success!

Marieke Stoop