New Generation’s Work Characteristics: The Importance Of Your Leadership Style

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Every company wants to be successful, but a few companies have figured out that they need to change their leadership style. The new generation entering the workforce have characteristics that require innovative and vibrant leadership. By 2020, 50% of the workforce will be Generation Y! Is your organisation ready? Attracting, motivating and retaining talent has […]

6 Ways To Be Effective In Performance Reviews

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Performance reviews will always take place in June of each year. In this meeting the employee is given the opportunity to provide feedback on his performance. You have discussion together to improve not only the performance, but also the collaboration. The end of year review (in December) measured the performance in the past. In June, the performance Now […]

6 Principles Of Retaining Talent

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Organisations need that sweet marriage of people and processes to succeed in our ever-changing global economy. They need to not only focus on creating clearly-defined work processes that enable us to fulfill goals, but also to focus on employees, finding the right ones and continually engaging them because they are the drivers of the organisation’s success. […]