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Learn How To Market Yourself Online

If you want to get a job and create a career you love, you need to understand how to play in the social media world and sell YOU as a brand online. Each company currently receives a lot of job applications. Potential employers or clients that would like to hire you or buy your product will screen […]

Shop Online For Your Business & Career

You shop online for clothes and fashion, why not shop for products to build a career you love? The rules for success in your career have changed, because the world we live in has changed. It changed from face-to-face sales to online shopping and social media communication. Much of the conventional ways of working the last […]

Build Your CV! Find Examples and Resume Templates!

If you are a job seeker or freelancer and you want to get the job, then it’s time to choose from these resume templates that gets you noticed! Each company currently receives a lot of job applications. Potential employers or clients that would like to hire you or buy your product will screen you online. […]

How To Build a Career You Love

  Have you ever wondered how and why some people succeed in getting their dream job? Or why that particular entrepreneur gets more customers and increase of his sales? Or why people love what they do for a living? If you do, just know in any case you can have this too! The rules for success in […]

10 Ways To Retain Talent In Your Company

Every company wants to be successful and retaining their talent. The new generation employees entering the market have characteristics that require innovative and vibrant leadership. Read the 10 ways to keep top performers in the company. 1. Focus on training & career planning Employees would like to have a clear career path on how their career could evolve, including […]

Personal Branding Essential for Employees and Entrepreneurs

Personal branding is about you. Companies currently are receiving a lot of application letters and CV’s from candidates. Your presentation on LinkedIn and other online media are viewed as part of screening. Is your online profile representing you as the most qualified candidate? Not only job seekers should be aware of their personal branding, also entrepreneurs, VP’s, […]

The Future of HR: Reshaping Human Resources

Today’s economy, innovation of technology and the new generation of employees are forcing HR departments to develop new ways of working with other skills and specialism. Complaints about HR Managers focusing too much on the administrative part and lack strategic vision are not new. However, HR is in the loop when companies are facing labor related […]

LinkedIn Tips and Tricks for Entrepreneurs

In the past years a lot of entrepreneurs and managers have asked me to support in the optimalisation of their LinkedIn profile. Here are the highlights of my LinkedIn articles, along with additional tips and tricks for entrepreneurs. With these tips, you have the power to create your LinkedIn profile and get you noticed by potential […]